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About Cobra Yoga

The name Cobra Yoga comes from a posture known as 'Bhujangasana' (The Cobra Pose). The Snake in yoga is a symbolic representation of an energy source that can be tapped into.


Cobra Yoga is a strong physical program which can be altered depending on student's capabilities. It involves flowing yoga movements, natural body movements, stretching, breath and respiratory control and strength development.

No previous experience needed.


Ian Wadsworth the founder of Cobra Yoga

Prior to teaching yoga and the development of Cobra Yoga. Ian Wadsworth had participated in a range of sporting activities such as Rugby, Boxing, Rowing, Chinese Boxing, Judo, and Surfing.


The Cobra Yoga Journey began while Ian Wadsworth was travelling through North Africa. During this Journey Ian came into contact with a Fakir  who introduced Ian to meditative techniques that would engage both the mind and body .


On return to the UK Ian learned that the  Fakirs had parallels with the Yogis of India. Ian went on to study Yoga starting with the Ashtanga Vinyassa flow practice  with Ashtanga Yoga Derby and then studied in the variety of Yoga practices such as hot Yoga  Freestyle yoga and a Hatha Yoga practice at a Hindu temple.


Throughout his study and practice of Yoga Ian learnt about the correlation of yoga with the Martial arts. the importance of the breath control (pranayama), the rich history of Yoga, the powerful sequences and postures and the meditative qualities. Ian believed that there was a way to combine the very best elements of Yoga in a program that would increase the participant's strength, flexibility, core muscle group, ability to focus, and mental well being . This led to the creation of Cobra Yoga.



Ian Wadsworth practicing 'Eka Hasta Vrksasana'

The one hand handstand

A Fakir demonstrating the mind and body meditation technique whilst lying on a bed of nails.